Saturday, December 1, 2012


So, apparently I have to start paying for this blog if I want to keep posting on it, so I have created a NEW blog, where I will update now...the new address is  So head over THERE to check out what we have been up to.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our little Stink Bug



 So the other day I got a call from the nurse at the school. She told me MacKelle had had "an accident"...I immediately thought that she pee-ed her pants or something like that...Turns out she collided with a classmate during a P.E. game. She got a nice shiner from it!

In unrelated news, MacKelle recently lost her 1st tooth!!! She has been waiting SO long!!!! It fell out during a pack meeting. She was 7 when she lost her first tooth. It was a long wait because so many of her classmates have lost several and she is one of the oldest in her class.

Bonus Room Finished...Movie time!!

First time laying flooring...kinda fun!
 Sectional sofa so everyone is comfy :)
Little table and stools in the corner for snacks or cards...
and the trunk made the move upstairs to hold some blankets for snuggling down to watch a movie.

These are pictures of the kids' desk and video game area. It is located just outside Trace's room. We just need a couple bean bags to set in front of the TV to play video games on.
 The desk is made from an old shelf that was made into a bench, and then another this is make-over number 4 for it...I think it will work well for a little homework station.

Presli's Blessing Day

 November 4th Justin blessed Presli. She didn't want to cooperate for a picture, but looked beautiful! It was great to have friends and family there to support us. Love you all!

Paul's 60th Birthday

 Paul's 60th birthday happened to fall on the weekend we blessed Presli, so we HAD to party!!! It was great to have the Moss' here and we had a blast!!!

Trace's Football Season

Halloween 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012